Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Retail financial services
Case Number 170701
Financial institution

Okasan Securities Co., Ltd.

The existing branch on Shijo-dori in Kyoto was moved across the street and reborn as a new branch. In addition to the counter usually found at financial institution branches, the facility is configured with an open lounge, individual consulting rooms, and a seminar hall so that space can be selected based on need.
With the corporate philosophy "Every effort for the sake of customer satisfaction" as the theme, the branch makes good use of its prime location facing a main thoroughfare by having a spacious layout with good visibility from the street.
Keeping the local character of Kyoto in mind, the interior features "Japanese-style" as a motif, with elements such as latticework, washi (Japanese paper), etc. With the branch's flagship status also taken into account, a high-class and serene feel is created with elements such as textures, ceiling design, and the presentation of light, and consideration was given to making customers feel comfortable so they will relax and stay awhile.
With the goal being to create a branch that both customers and staff will come to love, a playful approach was taken in the design. For use as tools for staff communication with customers, there is an art object with the same motif as the company emblem, and there is also Ise-katagami wallpaper featuring patterns from Mie Prefecture, where Okasan Securities was founded.


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