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Case Number 170401
Fukko Koei Jutaku Fukugo Building

Sendai Oroshisho Center

In July 2015, the Sendai Oroshisho Center Cooperative Association reached the 50th anniversary of its founding, and, looking ahead to the next 50 years, it completed construction of the Oroshimachi Community Plaza, with the aim being a "reborn Oroshimachi" based on the idea that the facility will "continue to be a creative platform giving birth to new wholesale business." The building of this facility, which is popularly known as "Horuse," was carried out as a joint project with the city of Sendai, and it began operation in March 2016 as a "community core open to the region." It has disaster-use public housing on floors 3 to 9 and networking space and tenant space on floors 1 and 2.
For the space on floors 1 and 2, through the use of lounges (living lounge, business lounge, and culture lounge) shared by a variety of people, the facility is configured for connections between Oroshimachi Plaza (hall) and the administrative office and meeting space. The fact that the various spaces overlap in the lounges makes for lively interaction between users (wholesale complex members, administrative office, and tenants).


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