Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 170301
IT service business / system integrator

TIS Inc.

As an independent total systems integrator, TIS provides IT support to businesses in a wide range of industries (finance, manufacturing, logistics, energy, government, etc.). In order to increase the speed and efficiency of links between group companies, offices previously scattered across the city of Nagoya were brought together in Lucent Tower, which is located near Nagoya Station.
In order to move forward smoothly with this big project, which covered more than 1,000 people, cooperation among project members (Okamura also participated) was promoted with regular meetings held using video conferencing linking the Tokyo head office and other facilities. Smooth project management was carried out through the real-time sharing of information on schedule progress and pending items.
Using the office concept that TIS is rolling out across the country as a base, work on the consideration of the office plan proceeded with the regional identity of Nagoya being taken into account. With the exception of the private rooms (conference rooms and secure rooms around the architectural core), an open floor design without high partitions was used. The office utilizes fixed seating, but efficient operation is achieved by using mobile lockers rather than individual-use wagons.


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