Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 161001
Real estate business

Kanden Realty & Development Co., Ltd.

Head office

With the objective of strengthening the business foundation of group realty business, Kansai Electric Power Group companies Kanden Fudosan Co., Ltd. and MID Property Management Co., Ltd. merged to create Kanden Realty & Development Co., Ltd., which located its head office in the Nakanoshima Daibiru building.
Stretching across three floors, work areas are open spaces with excellent unobstructed views. Various design mechanisms were incorporated to promote communication between employees.
In addition, to promote employee health and work efficiency, adjustable-height desks were introduced (manager desks included). This office is an early adopter of the newly developing trend of "+Standing" working styles that incorporate standing work into office work.


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