Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 160901
Sports entertainment business

Japan Professional Football League

JFA House

Responsible for J.League planning and management, the Japan Professional Football League renovated its JFA House (head office) facility located in Ochanomizu, Tokyo.
The office renovation was carried out based on the concept of "An office where employees can be conscious of soccer every day," and with the image desired being "a space that will be seen as bright, transparent, high-visibility, flat, and flexible" by the client. Likening the entrance to a soccer goal, the design uses glass film graphics and a sign to create the image of a ball striking the goal net. The office as a whole is likened to a soccer field by using green carpet with turf-grain stripes at the same 5.5 meter intervals as an actual field.
By helping personnel to be always conscious of soccer itself even in their busy and monotonous everyday existence, this space enables them to sustain a sense of purpose and reminds of their brand and role in society, something which can be all to easy to lose sight of.


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