Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 160602
Manufacturing and sales of electrical devices

Origin Electric Co., Ltd.

Headquarters facilities

This was a head office and head office factory relocation project for Origin Electric Co., Ltd., an electrical device manufacturer known as one of "Japan's three power-source companies."
More than 50 years old, the company's long-occupied Waseda head office and head office factory facilities had deteriorated so a relocation project was inaugurated with attention being given to business continuity management, the insuring of personnel safety, etc. Functions were dispersed to four new sites, with head office and sales functions being moved to the "Saitama-Shintoshin Head Office," located next to a station with good access to central Tokyo, and the technical departments were moved to the newly built "Technical Head Office." The project was not simply a relocation as the company sought an office design that would raise productivity through workstyle innovation, generate a high level of synergy benefits, and promote the kind of departmental interaction that had been lacking in the past. For the offices of departments where the percentage of people present onsite is low, a free-address system was adopted, and personnel were given the ability to select the optimum environment for their current work content from a diverse range of work spaces, including not only standard desks but also discussion space and space for high-focus tasks.


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