Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 160601
Life insurance company

Taiyo Life Insurance Company

Training center

The Taiyo Life Insurance Company established a training center on the sixth floor of the Taiyo Seimei Himawari Nihonbashi Building, which faces Showa-dori street not far from the company's head office.
This center was created as a facility specializing in "education and training," and as such it represented a new departure for the company. Instead of using standard meeting rooms as training rooms as had been done in the past, the goal was to create a flexible facility that would spur creativity.
Based on the concept "Innovative Learning," the plan accommodated a variety of training spaces and styles. The result was a training center with a wide range of uses, including large-audience lectures, group training, casual training at personal tables, social gatherings, etc.


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