Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 160201
Interior presentation of commercial space, cultural space, etc.

Tanseisha Co., Ltd.

Shinagawa Season Terrace headquarters

The theme for Tanseisha's new office is "A base for creating the future." Previously distributed business departments were brought together by moving them to this 1,500 tsubo (approx. 4,950 sq. meter) one-floor office. As a "space creation professional," Tanseisha is seeking to further raise its intellectual creativity and operational efficiency.
Taking the opportunity presented by this move, Tanseisha sought to introduce a free address system that would innovate both the workplace and work styles, with the result being the creation of a space that a diverse range of personnel find easy to work in because it enables them to put their abilities to good use.
Within the office area, surrounding the four sides, Tanseisha situated a "corridor" to create space that, depending on the user's purpose and state of mind, can be utilized in various ways, including as an interdepartmental communication space, a mental concentration space, an ON/OFF mode switching space, etc. As befits a company whose true calling is "space creation," many pieces of furniture and other furnishings by well-known designers are included.
In addition, a sample room, model production area, collaborating-company discussion space, and other functional spaces tailored to the company's business have also been created.


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