Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 151002
Lace production and sales

Mizorogi & Co., Ltd.

Tokyo main office

Engaged in the production and sales of lace, Mizorogi & Co. renovated a company-owned building which housed both trading company functions and manufacturer functions. As part of the renovation, it restructured all nine floors (1 basement floor and 8 above-ground floors) to facilitate smooth internal and external communication.
A stairway directly connecting 1F and 2F was added so that visitors could be shown directly to the visitor business negotiation rooms. An effort was made to improve communication by moving sales and planning personnel to adjacent floors (3F and 4F). The innovative measures taken also include the use of a skeleton ceiling to make the ceiling appear higher. In addition, the employee "refresh corner" in the basement was moved to an 8F space with windows, and it was redesigned as a multipurpose space that can also be used for companywide meetings, etc.


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