Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 151001
Production and sales of electrical products, etc.

Twinbird Corporation

Tokyo Branch Twinbird Nihonbashi Gate Office

Headquartered in Niigata Prefecture, Twinbird Corporation implemented a Tokyo office relocation plan that involved renovating a Kodenmacho building (1 floor 160 ㎡ × 9 floors) as its own building. The ninth floor of the building is the executive floor.
In line with the company's desire to "make this a 'different world' from the other floors," the adopted space design scatters "accents and idiosyncrasies" throughout a "chic yet calm space" with dark wood and black keynotes.
The "approach space," where visitors are greeted, utilizes highly dramatic lighting and a tube-form dark-wood design. At the center of the approach space, there is a VIP reception room featuring washi (traditional Japanese paper) wallpaper, bamboo blinds, and a carpet motif reminiscent of a dry landscape garden; and there is also an executive conference room with the corporate blue as the keynote color. The glass partition can be changed from transparent to opaque with just the flick of a switch.


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