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Municipal governments
Case Number 150701
Municipal government


City Hall Main Building

Built in 1972, this city government building had deteriorated so with the objectives of improving resident services and the working environment of the staff, renovation work was carried out in the first floor area frequently utilized by city residents. The universal design adopted is safe and easy to understand for the elderly users of the facility. Many low counters were installed to create an environment that facilitates attentive consultations with residents. For the partitions separating the low counters, the protection of privacy was taken into consideration with a panel height that blocks lines of sight and with the selective use of "sound panels" that serve to make voices more difficult to overhear. In addition, to create a building that would be well liked by residents and that would have a distinctive Tendo character, the measures taken included the use of design motifs featuring shogi (Japanese chess) pieces, a high percentage of which are produced in Tendo.


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