Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 150501
Inspection and certification business

SGS Japan Inc.


SGS Japan utilizes the global network of the SGS Group, a Geneva, Switzerland, based leader in the providing of various types of certification (ISO, medical device, forest, etc.) as well as specialized inspection, verification, and testing services covering food products and fields such as consumer goods, automobile/machine function safety, social infrastructure, industrial plants, energy, and oil/gas. In this project, the company moved its Yokohama headquarters with the objective of building an office that is pleasant to work in and that facilitates communication among employees. Almost all the conference rooms are walled with glass, and mobility on the floor has been enhanced with high visibility and excellent lighting throughout the office. A multipurpose "refresh area" and a women's personal locker and powder corner were also established as part of efforts to create an office where it is easy for employees to work and where they can spend time comfortably. In addition, the adoption of free-address seating in part of the work area has simultaneously achieved both increased space-usage efficiency and greater work efficiency.


Okamura provides interior design services for more functional, more effective offices to clients in a full range of industries.