Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 150201
Group Holdings

Group Holdings


As "a supporter of rich lives" since its establishment in 1886, Group Holdings engages in LP gas and oil product centered business that includes the sales of household fuel cell and solar power generation systems, the operation of wind power generation facilities and biomass power generation facilities, the sales of electricity as a PPS (Power Producer and Supplier), the operation of health and sports facilities, and beverage business.
It embarked on the office relocation with the objective of creating an office that is both easy to work in and a good fit for its long-standing corporate culture and the needs of the present day. In the work areas, both employee comfort and work efficiency were achieved through the adoption of a universal plan capable of flexibly accommodating work force expansion and organizational changes.
In addition, for meetings there is highly versatile space that can be selected based on the intended use, and there is also a highly comfortable "refresh room" (cafe space) provided as space for relaxation and for communication between employees.


Okamura provides interior design services for more functional, more effective offices to clients in a full range of industries.