Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 141002
Food product production and sales

NINBEN Co., Ltd.

Headquarters relocation

Using time-tested traditional techniques, NINBEN supplies katsuobushi (dried bonito), a product born of the bounty of the sea and nurtured by the four seasons. The dashi (soup stock) created using katsuobushi has contributed to the development of Japanese food culture. In the 315 years from its founding in the Nihonbashi district of Tokyo until 2014, NINBEN has continued to deliver carefully selected katsuobushi. With the completion of the COREDO Muromachi 3 redevelopment project building in Nihonbashi, the company moved its headquarters offices. Accommodating 100 personnel, the flat, high-visibility open-office design is combined with a test-kitchen facility not found in the old headquarters. This test kitchen serves as a communication space not only for employees but also for suppliers and customers. "The taste of Japan begins here." Along with its new Nihonbashi headquarters, NINBEN will continue to evolve to even better meet the needs of the future.


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