Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 140801
Chemical industry

FANCL Corporation

FANCL College

The history of FANCL began with creation of safe and reliable "Mutenka" (additive-free) cosmetics as a result of the founder's desire to eliminate the anxiety of people who suffer from skin trouble. Since then the business has expanded to also include products such as supplements, aojiru juice, and germinated brown rice. On June 3, 2013, the company took educational functions previous segregated in each department and consolidated them to create FANCL College as a facility to nurture internal human resources and pass along and develop its founding philosophy. FANCL College is located in an office building in Tokyo's Shinbashi district, which is convenient for access by staff from stores nationwide. The words of the founder are communicated to visitors with a plaque on one wall of the combined entrance and lounge space. The training floor can accommodate classroom lecture training, and the installation of lighting and product shelves like those in stores has made it possible to do role playing activities involving waiting on customers in a realistic working environment. In addition, the women's restroom has been expanded and a washing corner has been newly installed. This new space embodies the founder's principles that "There must be more that we can do." and "Employees who are not treated with care by the company will not be able to treat their customers with care."


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