Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 140701
Construction material trading company

Takashima & Co., Ltd.

Headquarters relocation

Takashima & Co., Ltd. carried out this headquarters relocation project with its 100-year anniversary approaching.

Making good use of its accumulated experience and history, the company is making a maximum effort to support the transformation to a sustainable society featuring "sustainable development for the global environment, economy, and society." Based on this effort by Takashima to achieve its corporate social mission, the design concepts followed for the office were: "Eco," "Sustainability," and "Sustainable Office."

In the selection of materials such as Japanese veneer and recyclable aluminum, careful attention was given to quality and eco principles. Harking back to Takashima's earliest roots as a wholesaler of heavy-duty fabric, fabric motifs were adopted in a number of places.

The result is an office in which employees will create new history for the company for many years to come.


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