Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 140502
Online game distribution and operation

Nexon Co., Ltd.


On a floor added to the existing office, construct a lounge space available for casual use by all employees. This lounge serves as flexible space that supports a variety of activities, with some of the major ones being discussions crossing departmental boundaries, test play of new games, work breaks, and company events. Befitting a company that is a PC online game provider, a four-screen 55-inch multi-monitor is installed. The large screens can be used for both game play and press conferences. On the assumption that the space will at times be utilized for large gatherings, the space offers unobstructed views since partitions are not used. Giving the impression of a kind of terrace, the floors are laid out three step levels, creating a space with views at a variety of eye levels. The installation of warm-color lighting along with vertical wood louvers on the windows enhanced the warm atmosphere of this communication space.


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