Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 140302
Household appliance manufacturing

Cleanup Corporation

Tokyo headquarters

As the concepts ”new ideas shine” and ”making coming to work a little more fun” show, this office was created with the goal of not only improving the working environment but also changing the consciousness of the people working in it. Creative design details include the printing of measurements on walls and floors in order to develop the sense of scale needed for planning tasks, and the use of company mascot-character room plates to nurture affection for the workplace. Despite the office’s small size, it has been skillfully organized to facilitate easy use of the kitchen room (displaying company products), library, cafe, workshop, project room etc. A harmonious atmosphere was created with color coordination featuring living-room-style calm colors.


Okamura provides interior design services for more functional, more effective offices to clients in a full range of industries.