Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Educational institutions
Case Number 130901
University educational facility

Showa University

Hatanodai Campus Building No. 1, B1 Cafeteria

With the mission of contributing to society by educating skilled medical personnel under the "Shisei Ikkan" spirit of always being sincere towards others and viewing things from their standpoint, Showa University is a comprehensive medical university with four schools: School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, School of Pharmacy, and School of Nursing & Rehabilitation Sciences. As part of a project to re-envision the role of the university's student and faculty cafeterias, the cafeteria on the B1 floor of Hatanodai Campus Building No. 1 was renovated with the aim of creating a space where students and faculty would naturally gather because of its bright and comfortable atmosphere and its feeling of spaciousness. Anticipating all types of usage scenes, from single persons to groups, the design provides diverse areas within the limited space of the cafeteria so that users can themselves choose the spaces that suits them best. Not just a cafeteria for eating meals, this facility was recreated for use as a space for students and faculty to study, hold discussions, and exchange ideas.


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