Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 130502
Life-design solution company

IBJ, Inc.


Under their business philosophy of "Bringing happiness to people linked by fate," as the first company in Japan to fully apply information technology to the search for a marriage partner, IBJ, Inc. utilizes both Internet and real-world customer services to provide an extensive range of high-quality "life-design solutions." Aiming to expand business and enhance services, in a headquarters office move to the Shinjuku First West Building, the company constructed an office space that is highly functional and safe and that features a simple layout based on a universal plan. Taking communication between employees into consideration, glass partitions were adopted and tall obstructions were eliminated, with the result being a highly open and expansive communication space with wall whiteboards and other tools readily available.


Okamura provides interior design services for more functional, more effective offices to clients in a full range of industries.