Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Municipal governments
Case Number 130501

Town of Matsukawa in Nagano Prefecture

Matsukawa Town Hall

In conjunction with construction to strengthen the earthquake resistance of its aging town hall, the Matsukawa town government carried out comprehensive renovations of the first floor service counters and offices with the objective of creating a user-friendly town hall with a bright atmosphere. The old lobby, which had a narrow straight-line layout, was transformed into a wide and relaxed space featuring circles and gently curving lines, and the old ceramic floor tile was replaced with carpet tile. For signs, locally grown fruits were incorporated into the design motif, and twelve different colors and fruits were used on illustrations specific to each service counter to make them easy to distinguish and to give them a friendly feel for town hall users. In principle, low counters were used (except in cases such as the certificate-issue counter), and segment panels and user chairs were introduced. An information/reading corner, a children's corner, and other innovations were also introduced to create a relaxing and easy-to-use town hall. In addition, an elevator, a slope from the parking lot, and an entrance/exit were newly added for a barrier-free as well as user-friendly facility.


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