Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Municipal governments
Case Number 130101
Local government

Ebina City, Kanagawa Prefecture

Main building at the city hall

We redesigned the city hall building to create a one-stop counter on the first floor, so that the residents of Ebina City will not have to go around to each department inside the city hall building in order to complete the various procedures.
We introduced a variety of design innovations to realize a space that is easy for the city residents to understand and use.
We divided procedures that were formerly carried out at multiple counters into the two areas of the City Residents’ One-Stop Counter and the One-Stop Welfare Counter, to ensure the procedures can be completed while keeping the movements of the users to a minimum. Furthermore, we increased the number of low counters and put easy-to-understand and color-coded guidance signs by each counter. Concierges (receptionists) are posted at the entrance to support counter guidance and additional filling out of forms, etc. We not only enlarged the waiting lobby but also improved the services to city residents, for example we installed reception number issuing machines and large monitors so that the residents check how much longer they have to wait with a single glance.


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