Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 121202
Local telecommunications company

NTT West Kumamoto Branch

Smart Hikari Live Office Kumamoto

NTT West concluded the “Comprehensive cooperation agreement for regional revitalization through ICT utilization” with the governments of Kumamoto Prefecture and Kumamoto City in in February 2012 and is advancing the “Smart Hikari Town Kumamoto” project with the aim of creating an “attractive, convenient and happy Kumamoto.” Moreover as a part of this initiative it opened “Smart Hikari Live Office Kumamoto” as a place that appeals to customers by utilizing the latest office environment and ICT tools to practice a new work style that is not bound by time or place. This office ubiquitously incorporates a full range of ICT solutions that are useful for revitalizing communication, streamlining operations, improving the reliability of security, saving energy and reducing electricity consumption, and has the purpose of deriving solutions to the management challenges faced by customers such as companies, local governments, etc. by having the workers themselves experience and verify the solutions while working.


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