Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase

Winner of the 25th Nikkei New Office Award

Case Number 121201
IT services company

IT services company


Winner of the 25th Nikkei New Office Award

In order to support cutting-edge research, a facility equipped with an environment enabling the utilization of sophisticated digital information technologies has been created in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture. The building was planned in a location at an extremely high elevation with a commanding view, so the employees can immerse themselves in their research and development surrounded by that wonderful view.
The third floor, the main office floor, is comprised of individual seats in workstations optimized for low-seat, rear-tilt computer work, and in the center of the office a space is set up in which individuals can gather and share ideas with each other.
The second floor is a space that can be used by research workers from universities, and is a laboratory in which research outcomes and systems development are quickly linked.
Furthermore, the furniture has been selected keeping in mind convenience for the people using it, for example there are giant sofas in which even large researchers from overseas can be comfortable.


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