Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Educational institutions
Case Number 121101
University education facility

The University of Tokushima

Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences/Space Design Institute

The University of Tokushima has established the Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences as a faculty that fuses the humanities and science by combining the outstanding features of both science departments and humanities departments. Moreover, it has created highly active classrooms with the focus on knowledge creation on this campus. The features of these classrooms are the flexibility for use with diverse class formats including lecture-type classes (classroom lecture), active learning type classes and others, and the easy classroom management. They are also equipped with the latest ICT equipment.
In particular, Associate Professor Hidekazu Kakei at the Space Design Institute is using these classrooms as an experimental field to conduct research into advanced forms of study spaces. For example he uses these classrooms for experiments about new ways of learning, the operability of the space, and methods of utilizing ICT equipment in higher education.


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