Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase

Winner of the 25th Nikkei New Office Award (2012)

Case Number 120901
Developer of semiconductor production equipment

Tokyo Electron Miyagi Limited

Head Office factory

Winner of the 25th Nikkei New Office Award (2012)

This factory office at the Head Office was completed in October 2011 with the desire for the company to “become number one in the world in semiconductor production equipment.” This enormous development and manufacturing site which is important for the global strategy of the company is comprised of three buildings, the development building, the production building, and the office building, and approximately 1,600 people work there. The company is aiming to improve the speed and efficiency of its operations and further increase its market competitiveness by consolidating its research, development and production here.
Of the three buildings the office building is particularly distinctive with its enormous three-story high atrium space, and the various communication spaces distributed there facilitate the flow of the work.
Using these methods to create an environment in which people want to work and an office in which it is easy to work, we are aiming to become number one in the world by having many people gather here and then utilizing the talents of those people.


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