Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 120801
Corporate training and meeting complex

Fuji Xerox Learning Institute Inc.

Collaboration center Space Alpha Sannomiya

Miyako Group, the owner of this Space Alpha Sannomiya facility, decided to convert the movie theater business it had been running at this site into a training facility business, as one of its measures to improve the asset value of the site as a tenant building and to contribute to the local community. The group formed a partnership with Fuji Xerox Learning Institute to open and operate the facility. They have produced an opportunity and a forum for companies and individuals from within and outside companies to gather and share their time, space, and thoughts, and as an “innovation theater” which encourages the generation of a variety of connections and intellectual awareness through the drawing out of independence, it is a forum that transmits new value to the market.


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