Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 120101
Information processing services industry

MS & AD Systems Company, Limited

Headquarters/Takaido Business Site

In October 2011 three systems companies in the MS & AD Insurance Group merged and "MS & AD Systems Company, Limited" was launched. The offices of the three companies were to be combined into one, so the aim was to create an office design in which people would naturally encounter each other and communication would be born from those encounters. Furthermore, meeting areas in a variety of styles, in particular for standing meetings, were established in various places without increasing the number of individual meeting rooms in order to realize a bright and effective meeting space, to promote the shortening of meeting durations and more vigorous discussions, and also taking into consideration characteristics of the work such as the high frequency with which meetings with a large number of people involved in the project are held. Moreover, in order to improve the motivation of the employees, we enhanced the environments outside the office area, including the cafeteria, etc., as well.


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