Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 111201
Flowers, seedlings and horticultural supplies development company

Suntory Flowers Limited


Suntory Flowers Limited develops, grows and sells flowers and seedlings, etc. such as the world's first "blue rose." When they decided to move offices, they wanted an office based on the concept of "creative blooming," which would make communication among the employees easier and would be filled with the creativity that suits a flower company. As the major feature, in the open office utilizing the characteristics of the floor, which is bright and has a good view, and is comprised of low furniture, a space has been established near the windows, where the best environment is, that can be used for multiple purposes including as a library, for rest, for work such as flower arrangement, etc., and for meetings, etc. It is being utilized as a place which revitalizes communication among the employees and leads to the birth of new ideas. Furthermore, the number of people in the work space regularly increases and decreases so desking system which a combination of fixed desks and meeting type movable desks have been adopted, and the three meeting rooms comprised of movable partitions are being effectively utilized as flexible spaces not bound to one approach. For example, when they are not being used all of the partitions can be opened to utilize the space for open meetings, etc.


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