Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 111101
Food sales franchiser

Plenus Company Limited


Plenus Company Limited is famous for the takeaway boxed lunch shop "Hotto Motto" and restaurant "Yayoiken," etc. It renovated its six-story headquarters building with the objective of creating "an office with greater productivity and an office which enables functional storage and an office which is comfortable for employees." Based on the concept of "ON ⇔ OFF," the floor positions of the various functions that had been dispersed over five floors before the renovations were clarified, and the functions of office, meeting, relaxation and executives were consolidated on each floor. Consolidating the offices that had been dispersed over five floors into two floors has made cooperation among different departments faster. Furthermore, storage near the personal seats on the office floors has been abolished, and has been consolidated into storage lockers, clearly separating places for working from places for storage, and creating an environment in which employees can concentrate on their work and an environment in which materials can be shared. The corporate colors have been used as the key points of the space, resulting in a space that sends its message more strongly than before.


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