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Goto Ikueikai Education Foundation Tokyo City University

Faculty of Urban Life Studies Project Studio

The Faculty of Urban Life Studies was newly established in April 2009 as a social studies faculty.
The goal of the Faculty of Urban Life Studies is to develop human resources who can comprehensively manage urban development in the new age based on the new concept of "urban life" and from the three perspectives of "urban culture," "urban management," and "urban dwelling."
The Project Studio has been planned as a space to carry out practical project training and graduation work in order to foster the ability to manage all aspects of urban development from ascertaining the needs of residents, to project formulation, project promotion, and project management and operation, so a variety of spaces have been created including spaces for individual work, spaces for joint research in groups, spaces for meetings by members of individual laboratories, etc.
A high-spec IT environment essential for research has been provided, and monitors displaying on-campus information and the results of research have been placed throughout the studio.


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