Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase

Won the 24th Nikkei New Office Award (2011)

Case Number 110501
Pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturing company

Cokey Co., Ltd.

Head Office

Won the 24th Nikkei New Office Award (2011)

Cokey Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells ingredients for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. The place that the company chose to move to is near the Chidorigafuchi moat and on a floor that used to house an art museum. Because it is a company that handles pharmaceuticals, we introduced THE Office Lighting System R, lighting that is designed to enable the employees to work in the office healthily and is designed to maintain the balance of the employees' biological clocks.
The office features cutting-edge functions including LED lighting and under-floor air conditioning, etc. At the same time, the office incorporates fixtures and fittings made of natural materials and achieves a balance between body and mind for the people who work there while enjoying the natural lights from the garden and the views of the four seasons.
Furthermore, the space is not obstructed with the high storage space and room partitions, etc. so the four-meter-high ceilings and the views of the garden from the windows are used to their best effect, creating a bright and open office, and making communication within the organization easier.


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