Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 110301
Medical device distributor

Kyowa Medical Corporation

Head Office

Kyowa Medical Corporation sells medical and healthcare devices and provides device maintenance and other services. The company consolidated its head office, which was in an aging building, and Benessere Shizuoka office for healthcare devices, and relocated to a new head office building. The first floor houses Benessere Shizuoka and distribution storeroom, the second and third floors house the administrative offices for the head office, and the fourth floor houses the executive area, cafeteria and meeting floor. The light shaft in the middle of the building provides natural light while simultaneously fostering a sense of unity for the entire head office. Around it are communication spaces that function as places for employees to socialize. The administrative area uses high-efficiency, long-life ambient lighting, which synergizes with natural light from the light shaft to create an eco-office that is highly energy efficient. Many discussions led by the project team were held at the planning stage, and creating the office themselves helped increase the motivation of employees.


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