Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 110201
Technical training service company

Global Knowledge Network Japan, Ltd.

Shinjuku Learning Center

Global Knowledge Network, which provides total training solutions centering on IT skills in order to train IT professionals and business leaders for organizations, relocated its Tokyo head office. One of the major pillars of the project was maximizing its limited budget to provide a highly hospitable space for customers. Another pillar was further improving in-house communication to create further value for customers. The 'workteria' (work space and cafeteria) was conceived based on this concept. An address-free system was adopted for the office while creatively reusing furnishings. The training area consists of the transparent 'Miseru' server room and a total of 24 classrooms (including meeting rooms). It is designed for diversity in terms of size, function, equipment and more in order to meet the various needs of customers.


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