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Municipal governments
Case Number 100901
Municipal government

Yotsukaido City

City Hall Offices

The City of Yotsukaido has begun providing one-stop services for residents by creating general service counters that consolidate procedures related to life events that had been conducted at multiple different counters in order to provide compassionate services from the perspective of the residents themselves. With the ultimate goal of creating service counters from the customer's perspective, the project pursued ease of understanding, comfort and convenience to create a functional environment on the first floor of the city government's office building. Universal design concepts were incorporated into the design in order to ensure the service counter floor could be used comfortably and stress-free by all customers, including senior citizens, people with nursing care needs, people with disabilities and people with children. In addition, the entrance hall, the face of city hall, was renovated to make a bright, friendly space for residents. A 'welcome board' was also set up to greet residents, and a photo panel symbolizing the city was designed so that it could be changed with the season. A corner of the waiting lobby features a multipurpose public gallery that doubles as a place for residents to socialize.


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