Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 091101
Plant control system manufacturer

ABB Bailey Japan

Head Office / Plant

Since its establishment in 1971 the plant has been renovated and added on to a number of times. When it was learned that braces for earthquake-proofing needed to be installed in 24 places each first floor, the head office building (built 38 years ago), where the braces, which had been treated as a nuisance, had been off, was slated for renovation (rebuilding) on a large-scale for the eighth time. The project involved raising administrative efficiency and rebuilding head office functions to enable them to handle requirements several decades into the future. The design process was conducted for offices that would mark the start of the renovation project. Moreover, in order to promote communication, a common area was established in the middle of the office, and various ideas (free drink area, bulletin boards, centralized mail area, etc.) were incorporated to encourage employees to naturally congregate and communicate. The project rebuilt a workplace that workers could be proud of.


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