Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 090902
Electrical/communications facilities construction company


COSMO SYSTEM, inc. has continued to expand business operations since its establishment in 1990. It is primarily involved in building systems for telecommunications facilities. In 2009, the company relocated its offices to a new owner-occupied building it constructed on prime land two minutes walk from the nearest station and 15 minutes by train from Sendai Station and Sendai Airport. Visiting the new building, one is immediately impressed with the large, high-ceilinged entrance. At the same time, soothing classical music is played throughout the building, which puts visitors at ease. The office space features a cool, natural and relaxed interior, and soft light from the windows on the north side brightly illuminates the entire space. The meeting rooms each have a different interior scheme, making it possible to use the rooms for different purposes. Workers have the choice of using the community room or rooftop garden when eating, the library for browsing books or listening to music, and the break area for short breaks with i-Smoking.


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