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Retail financial services
Case Number 090901
Financial institution

The Hokkoku Bank, Ltd.

Musashigatsuji Branch

The Omicho Market stands at the center of Kanazawa's culinary culture, and located next to the market is the Musashigatsuji Branch of The Hokkoku Bank (main branch of former Kano-Godo Bank). This historical building is an early work of the architect Togo Murano and is held in very high regard. With the current redevelopment of the Musashigatsuji district, the building was lifted and moved to restore and preserve it as a Kanazawa landmark. The first-floor space is high-ceilinged and open in order to maintain circularity, which is also a concept of the redevelopment project. It houses the bank branch and a cafe. The third floor is an art space open to the public that displays sketches by Togo Murano and the vaults that were actually used when the building was first built to keep the building's history alive. The large hall is also used to hold various events. The feel of the early Showa period is combined with modern functionality for a restored and commemorative work of architecture.


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