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Retail financial services
Case Number 090401
Financial institution

The Okazaki Shinkin Bank

Head Office Sales Division Aeon Okazaki Branch Office

The Okazaki Shinkin Bank is the largest credit union in the Tokai region, with 96 branches in Aichi Prefecture. The bank is committed to being a financial institution that customers love and trust. The Aeon Okazaki Branch was renovated and transformed into a new branch in connection with shopping mall renovations. The new branch was designed around the idea of a financial institution that is loved and trusted. It uses a diagonal zoning plan that makes the branch open and spacious. "Trust" is expressed in the appearance of the facade. The bright interior color scheme suggests a bank that is loved by customers. The counter arrangement and flooring give the branch a deeply expressive, rhythmic feel. In terms of function, the counters can accommodate wheelchairs. The layout of the consultation booth adequately reflects privacy concerns. The ATM machines arranged at an angle create waiting space and ensure privacy. Maximizing use of the limited space served to create a bank branch that both bright and functional.


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