Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 090201
Financial consulting company

Financial Club inc.

Kudanshita Salon

This facility was opened on Christmas 2008 to serve as a place for socializing for Financial Club inc., a group of financial professionals that provide optimal, practical solutions for clients and the general public. The space is separated into an event hall with a library and a members-only salon. It is intended to be a place for providing authentic knowledge underpinned not only by finance but also by history and experience as well as a place for socializing. A new building was purchased in the Kudanshita district to serve as a satellite office for the Toranomon head office. The facility is located on the top two floors, while affiliates occupy the lower floors. Leveraging the advantages of being the property owner, changes were also made to the elevator hall and roof balcony. The restrooms were finished with a spicy interior, and the salon exudes hospitality down to the smallest detail.


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