Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase
Case Number 081101
Semiconductor trading company

Tokyo Electron Device LTD.

Tokyo Electron Device is a technology trading company that procures cutting-edge semiconductors, computer networking devices and other products from domestic and overseas sources and provides advanced technical support as well as quality assurance through a proprietary verification system. The company relocated its head office in August 2008 to Yokohama East Square near the East Exit of Yokohama Station. Consolidating offices located throughout the Shin-Yokohama district into the head office served to increase administrative efficiency and improve communication within the company. The office space uses a universal layout that can easily accommodate organizational and personnel changes. The adjacent sofa-style meeting area allows employees to discuss projects using an LCD monitor or whiteboard. The break area is not only for taking breaks but also for having meetings and gathering information. It is a primary area for communication within the company.


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