Okamura's Designed Workplace Showcase

Received 21st Nikkei New Office Award

Case Number 080901
Computer company

Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd.

Chubu Branch

Received 21st Nikkei New Office Award

Based on the HP "Workplace Transformation" concept, which is a FM strategy for new office environments, the original "Office is Eco!" concept was designed reflecting Chubu Branch's independence and vision. An office solution was developed for both flexible work and eco design. The office provides an address-free working style unrestricted by time or place that is supported by a workplace that reduces office space by over one-third and can be used differently depending on the objective or mood, technology that facilitates safe communication anytime, anywhere, and service through operations outsourcing. The eco design features a 'minimal waste, simple design' design that realizes HP's unique office environment of quickly, at low cost and with minimal environmental impact while also fully incorporating the company's color and materials scheme. By using, for example, custom furniture made from a recycled wood-plastic composite called Sterrawood, the design strives to make 'eco' tangible through the experience of the office itself.


Okamura provides interior design services for more functional, more effective offices to clients in a full range of industries.